Weeds – How to keep them from taking over!

This time of the year, with warmer weather and additional rain, weeds are taking root!  As you drive through the valley, you may notice yards overtaken by them.  Grass that has turned into crabgrass with many bare areas due to weeds.  Rock landscaping engulfed with them.  What can you do to effectively keep them at bay?

With desert landscaping, where no grass is present, the goal is to do regular landscape maintenance.  30 minutes of weed pulling  per week can go a long way!  Always be sure to wear gloves since some weeds have small thorns that can give you a run for your money.  For stubborn weeds that like to spread, you can invest in a small bottle of weed killer that kills dandelions and clover.  Of course, do your research as to choose the right one.  Always wear protection, such as gloves, mask and safety glasses when applying it.

When it comes to grass, the goal is to maintain the grass well.  A thick lawn will repel weeds on its own – not allowing them to take root very easily.  However, if you have a few weeds, it is best to simply pull them.  For weeds that take over a lawn, such as crab grass or other type of grass weeds, you may need to invest in a weed killer that is designated for your specific grass – Bermuda, fescue or something else.  And be sure to figure out what kind of weeds you have since weed killer sprays are usually designed for specific types.  A general grass weed killer may treat most.  However, for some, you will need something different.  A nursery or home improvement store can offer suggestions.

So, keep your yard looking clean and weed free.  Your home will be presentable and your HOA will thank you.

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