With summer behind us and fall in full swing, many trees are at their full growth for the season. With each year, you may have observed that small sapling become a mature tree – a tree that may now be offering considerable shade but also getting very close to structures on your property. What should you do? Here are a few basic tips!

1. If you observe limbs of a tree starting to hang over the roof, it may be time to trim them back. Smaller trees may be easily maintained by you. Larger trees, on the other hand, with large limbs, may need a professional arborist. Limbs hanging over your roof line or other structures, such as shed, can invite unwanted guests such as rats, who can use these to climb onto your property. They can also pose a human and property hazard. During strong winds, these limbs can give way, break and cause significant damage or injury. So, be sure to take note and address these issues in a timely fashion.

2. Trees planted close to dividing walls or structures, such as your home, can cause foundation issues. As these trees grow, so does the root. After some time, you may notice a block wall begin to lift, a side walk beginning to buckle or even the foundation of your home beginning to heave. These are signs that the root system is encroaching on those areas. It would be time to contact a professional to determine your options, including removal of the tree.

3. Along with point 2, tree roots can encroach on your plumbing, entering your drains and even exit or sewer lines. Homeowners who have reported difficulty flushing toilets or water draining have been surprised to learn that roots were the cause! This too would be an indicator to contact a professional to learn your options.

When planting trees, be sure leave plenty of room between structures. Also, be sure to choose the right tree as well, before planting. That small tree can one day be huge! Talk with an expert at a nursery and do your research. The more you do ahead of time the more headaches you will avoid in the future.

Contributed by Nicklin Property Management.

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  1. Afton Jackson
    Afton Jackson says:

    Your explanation of why trees close to structures need to be removed was really helpful. I’ve always worried about the large oak tree growing right next to my father’s house, as initially, we didn’t think it would grow that big. After a few years, it has ended up extremely large and dangerously close to his roof and the power line next to it, so I’ll see if I can take your advice and find a tree removal service that can help us safely remove it from danger.

  2. rachel frampton
    rachel frampton says:

    Honestly, I’m quite scared that the huge tree in my backyard might fall and cause danger soon, which is why I’m thinking of hiring a tree service that will be able to get rid of it. I also agree with you that those trees that are planted near the divided walls must be removed too. It’s good that you shared here the importance of hiring an arborist when trimming huge trees as well.


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