Things to do around your house!

As we sit home, knowing that going out in public is not encouraged or that our favorite shops are simply closed, there is work we can do around our houses! Many repairs and updates that we may have procrastinated on can now be taken care off. So, pass the boredom with some useful projects that require minimal expense and mostly labor! Here are our top 5!

1. PAINTING PROJECT: Have you been looking at that dirty or scuffed wall for many months? Now is the time to re-paint it! A gallon of interior paint ranges between $16 – $25 and a basic paint kit with roller, tray and brush can be $5. You may be able to buy it online and have it shipped to you to avoid leaving your home if you don’t have the materials. If your looking to add an accent wall or repaint all together, you can tackle the project!

2. LANDSCAPING UPDATES: Now is the perfect time to clean your yard of weeds, cut grass and trim plants. You might even want to start planning for a future landscaping project and do some yard prep work while your at home, such as moving plants,  digging holes or simply outlining your design. You can even make repairs to your sprinkler clock and irrigation lines.

3. HOUSE CLEANING: We all talk about spring cleaning, and now our opportunity has arrived. We can sort through our drawers, clothes and closets. We can dust those areas that don’t get dusted often. We can clean our baseboards of dust, remove everything from under our bathroom cabinets and give it a thorough cleaning, clean out our refrigerator and freezer, wash our windows and organize the shoe closet. There is no lack of cleaning!

4. GARAGE ORGANIZING: If the garage bothers you, now is the time to organize it. Getting rid of things that we don’t use and organizing what we have. If we have a lack of shelving, why not order some online and have them shipped? You might even paint your garage and epoxy the floors if you want! Before you know it, you will be able to comfortably fit your cars in the garage!

5. DECORATING: If you feel your house needs some style, why not brainstorm some basic, inexpensive decorating ideas. Perhaps a wall fixture or painting will do the trick. Make your house a home, especially since we are all spending more time inside anyway!

Rather than letting each day go by without too much happening, stay busy at home! Before you know it, life will return to normal and our long overdue projects will be completed.

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