Summer Heat – How to Stay Safe!

The Las Vegas summer is in full swing! With many days already over 100 degrees, some over 110, the heat will continue to build – and so will the humidity! Monsoon season is already here and as a result, humid air from the south will engulf the valley, adding to the uncomfortable feel of summer. Heat such as this can be dangerous! What can you do to keep you and your loved ones safe? Here are some tips:

1. NEVER leave your children in the car by themselves as you run an errand! Leaving windows cracked open does not help when temperatures are extreme outside. The heat and temperature build quickly when no air conditioning is on inside of a car. Additionally, leaving children by themselves is never a wise decision.

2. NEVER leave your pets in a car either. They are also susceptible to the heat and can easily have heat related issues.

3. Drink plenty of water! During hot days, our bodies lose a lot of water. So, drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated – at least 8 cups of water per day or more! Take water with you to have it easily available. You might even consider having a cooler with you to keep those bottles nice and cool.

4. Leave water out for your pets outside – and even more importantly, make sure your pets have a climate controlled area to access.

5. Ensure that you change your AC filter regularly inside of your home to give your air conditioning system efficiency and prevent unnecessary repairs. No AC in the summer months can be brutal and take a prolonged time to repair as HVAC technicians are busy. So, give your air conditioner a fighting chance!

So, take necessary precautions now and before you know it, the cooler breeze of fall will be here!

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