Renter Tips: Eye Catching Ways to Use Plants Around Your Home

Using plants to decorate in and around your home is an excellent way to add color and a natural feel.  Given the variety of plants, the options and choices are really endless.  Here are a few simple ideas to help give your home an inviting and pleasing look:

  1. Colorful plants in your yard: We all know that the Las Vegas summer months are hot – very hot! So, not every plant is suitable to be outside.  Flowering plants, for example, may lose their flowers with intense heat.  So, if your looking for something with flowers that can withstand the summer heat, why not explore lantana’s.  Lantana’s are a great desert plant and bloom during the spring and into the fall.  They can be planted around trees, along walkway’s, planter beds or even raised gardens.   You can hook them up to your regular irrigation system – they do not require more than the usual amount of water.  They also come in a variety of different colors – white, orange, yellow, red and even purple.  They are inexpensive to purchase at your local nursery.  They grow quickly, are drought resistant and give you beautiful colors to admire through most of the year.

  2. Plants inside your home: If you have an area inside your home, perhaps a corner in your living room, and not sure what to do with it, consider making it into a plant corner! You can purchase a variety of plants in different sized pots and arrange them in the corner (Make sure that you have a pot base to catch residual water to avoid damage to your floor!). You can use a wooden stool as well as a plant prop, which will add nice variety.  Visit your nursery for a nice selection of suitable indoor plants.  Make it an interesting area in your home with different types of plants – different sizes and different textures.  Your guests will be impressed!

  3. Decorate your window shelf: This may be the simplest of ideas to add some natural beauty. Perhaps you have a window in the kitchen or bathroom and want to add some color to it.  Consider some small pots with easy to maintain indoor plants, perhaps succulents.  A clay pot with a vibrant succulent is a designers favorite.

So, get creative with adding natural beauty to your home.  You might be surprised the difference a plant or two can make.

Contributed by Nicklin Property Management.

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