What kind of flooring is best for a rental home?

When owning a rental property, one of the more costly improvements is the flooring. Logically, then, you want to make the best decision possible – finding a quality floor that can last a considerable amount of time without breaking the bank. What choices do you have? What should you stay away from?

Carpet may seem a strange option initially. However, if you are on a budget, this may be your best choice. An average quality carpet should last between 5 – 8 years with proper shampooing and average wear and tear. The cost compared to the life expectancy is a good choice. Choose a carpet that has a minimum of a 25 – 30 oz density.

Vinyl has come a long way over the years. Today, there is sheet vinyl, vinyl planks and vinyl square’s. Vinyl planks are gaining popularity since they are installed piece by piece, similar to laminate or engineered wood flooring. However, they do not absorb water, tend to be fairly durable and are reasonable in cost. Kitchens, living and dining areas are prime candidates for this type of floor. This floor, with average wear and tear, can last a long time. Of course, be sure to choose a finish that will flow well with your home.

Tiles can be a long lasting floor as well. Materials and labor are reasonable compared to the life span of the floor. With average wear and tear, tile floors can last for many years – 15 years or more. Be sure to choose the right material that will last a long time and be resistant to cracking or chipping.



Laminate wood has an appeal to many. Primarily because it resembles a wood product and the cost is hard to beat. However, laminate wood is made out of recycled wood with a thin veneer over the top. It is subject to scratches that cannot be repaired and swells when exposed to moisture. It requires specific care in order to last. If damaged, the floor has to be replaced in order to remedy the issue. As a result, it is not a good product for a rental property.

On the opposite spectrum, expensive and unique flooring may be beautiful and even rated highly for durability. Perhaps it is flooring that you wish to enjoy in the future when making the house your primary home. However, even the most durable floor is subject to damage and wear. Trying to repair it correctly may incur considerable cost. As a result, it may not be the best choice for a rental home and may cause more expense and worry than the monetary benefits of rent.

Choose the right floor that will make your home look clean, presentable and give you the best return and life span for your money!

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