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What to know about planting grass in the desert!

Most of us enjoy the look and feel of grass. After all, it stays cooler in the summer than perhaps rock and adds a nice green space in the neighborhood and your yard. Before you install this commodity, here’s a few things to keep in mind to make sure this is the best decision for […]

Stay on top of maintenance and repairs!

Many landlord’s understand the importance of keeping a well maintained home. It attracts well qualified tenants and preserves the home into the future. However, when repairs do come up, many landlord’s face the daunting decision of which repairs to complete. Decisions are usually based on the cost of the repair. Are there repairs that should […]

What happens to real estate during a recession?

What does a recession look like for real estate? For most of us, just hearing the word “recession” brings stress and a feeling of uncertainty. The “Great Recession” which ended about 10 years ago brought untold financial loss to many, leaving them homeless and jobless. Recently, however, there has been much talk about a slowing […]

How to tell if you have a water leak!

Without water trickling from under a door or from the ceiling above, detecting a leak can be challenging, even for a pro. What can you do if your water bill is unusually high without a logical explanation, such as additional people staying at your home? Be sure to check for a leak using some basic […]

How to add curb appeal to your home!

We have all seen that house – it looks good as you drive by, as you pull into the driveway and no doubt even looks good when looking out the windows. Its the house everyone notices in the neighborhood and if it should ever sell, it will no doubt fly off the market. This house […]

What to do during Monsoon season!

That time of year in the desert has come. Monsoon season! For those unfamiliar with monsoon season, it is simply the time when sub tropical moisture comes up into the desert southwest, mixes with the hot daytime temperatures and creates some pretty spectacular thunderstorms, with heavy rains and wind. So, what should you keep in […]

Changes to Nevada landlord law

Senate Bill 151, which passed and took effect July 1, 2019, is making some noteworthy changes to landlord tenant law. What are those changes? Here are a few that pertain specifically to residential rentals: 1. Increase to pay or quit timeline from 5 full days to 7 judicial days 2. Requires the constable to post […]