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What you need to know about owning a rental property during COVID-19

It’s no surprise that emergency measures have been implemented across many industries due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including real estate. As a rental property owner, what should you know so you can keep yourself compliant? Here are 3 top things! 1. Rent – Some tenants may not be able to make their rent payments. If […]

What will happen to the rental market due to COVID-19?

Many rental property owners and those contemplating entering the rental market are now anxious about what will happen to the rental market – rent values, rent collection, etc. The truth is, the current COVID-19 pandemic is uncharted territory for most real estate professionals. We are constantly hearing about fluctuations in the stock market, unemployment reports […]

The Fed lowered their interest rate to 0% – why did interest rates actually go up?

In view of very recent developments nationally and internationally with COVID-19, it is safe to say that the world has turned upside down. Panic buying, social distancing and coronavirus have become everyday words. Beyond that, many businesses and government offices are closed for business. Talk of a recessive economy are gaining momentum. As a result, […]

Las Vegas Housing Market: Going Up

With some uncertainty about how 2020 would turn out for the Las Vegas valley housing market, it seems more likely that the market should remain stable, with modest appreciation. As a matter of fact, according to the Las Vegas Realtors Association, the median sales price of a Las Vegas valley home reached $316,000 last month. […]

Staying Healthy: What to know about the latest Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

As a property manager with hundreds of clients and customers, we care that everyone stays healthy and avoids getting sick. You have probably heard a lot through various news agencies about the wide spread effect of the Coronavirus and the impact is it having on health, travel, business meetings and the general economy. As a […]

New Las Vegas projects taking shape in 2020

Las Vegas is booming with activity! And what a year 2020 will prove to be for the valley. Billions of dollars are being invested in the local economy in the form of new construction with millions in residual income from these projects. What upcoming projects are shaping and in the works? ALLEGIANT STADIUM (nearly a […]

How will the rental market fare during 2020?

2019 ended on a high note for real estate and the local economy in general. Here are some quick facts: – Las Vegas unemployment rate last reported at 3.7% ( – Overwhelmingly positive economic growth through 2019 – Interest rates remained low throughout the year, with minor fluctuations – Average home prices hovered around $300,000 […]