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Do you need a property manager if you live out of state?

Many homeowner’s and investors with rental properties in Las Vegas live out of state and self-manage their properties. It’s a way for them to save having to pay a management fee.  However, are there requirements under Nevada law when living out of state while at the same time owning properties in Las Vegas? You might […]

Will Las Vegas run out of water?

If you have visited Lake Mead in recent months or years, there is no doubt that you have observed a lower than normal water level.  As a matter of fact, Lake Mead was at only 40% capacity in 2010 and the water level has continued to drop.  The water situation has brought on speculation that […]

Exciting Las Vegas developments driving local economy

There is no doubt that Las Vegas is experiencing a strong economy, solid job growth, an influx of new residents and exciting new developments throughout the city.  Here are some notable new developments within the Las Vegas valley that are taking shape: New Raiders Stadium: The nearly 2 billion dollar project is already making a […]

Rents rising fast in Las Vegas as Summer approaches

Rent affordability has become a common topic in the news, showcasing the current state of the Las Vegas rental market.  A market that is in demand and appreciating steadily.  And the trend seems to be continuing.  Single family homes have seen some of the highest appreciation rates, with condos and town homes following.  It is not […]

How to keep your pets safe this summer!

As summer approaches, all of us will become very aware of the hot temperatures that will settle into the Las Vegas valley. We will find the need to hydrate more often and stay indoors during the hottest part of the day.  What about our pets?  Here are 5 things to keep in mind to keep […]

5 things to do at your home before Summer!

With summer coming soon, warm weather will turn into hot weather which will last for a considerable amount of time.  Before temperatures reach the unbearable stage, be sure to complete these five things around your home to either determine if a repair should occur now or to verify that everything should be ready when the […]

The Nevada Eviction Process – What to Know!

One of the greatest fears of owning a rental property for most homeowners is the fear of an eviction. And rightly so! An eviction usually means unpaid rent, possible damages to a home and the task of navigating the legal system to complete it. It leaves many owners flustered and upset. So, here are a […]