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Las Vegas Housing Market On Continued Upward Trend

January 2018 – As 2017 came to a close, it was apparent that the local housing market was in demand, yet, not much inventory was available. This led to price appreciation and competition with resale homes and new homes seeing high demand and higher pricing. The average resale home sold for nearly $270,000 on average […]

Las Vegas attracting sports teams from around the country

November 2017 – Seemingly overnight, Las Vegas has become a destination for professional sports. While exhibition and pre-season games have been played in Las Vegas in numerous venues by professional and international teams, Las Vegas has lacked its very own professional teams – until recently. True, Triple A baseball has been in the valley for […]

Home Warranties – The Pros and Cons

August 2017 – When purchasing a property, many buyers request a home warranty. They are fearful of the unexpected repairs that may come up as soon as they become owners, especially on high ticket items such as an air conditioning unit. Their concerns are valid. And a home warranty may very well prove useful when […]

Rental Market Update – Las Vegas and Surrounding Area

July 2017 – Its no secret that the Las Vegas sales market has seen positive month over month gains and a limited supply of available homes, putting buyers in a frenzy. As the population of the Las Vegas area grows yet supply of available homes remains limited, potential buyers are forced to rent. How is […]

Nicklin Continues to Dominate in the Property Management Industry

June 2017 – Nicklin, one of Nevada’s largest property management firms, continues to impress investors with low vacancy periods, quick rental turnarounds and high tenant retention. In 2016, some 100 new clients decided to have to Nicklin oversee nearly 120 new properties due to their success in the rental market. For over 30 years, Nicklin […]

New Business and the Las Vegas Real Estate Market

May 2017 – It seems that every week we hear about a new development within the Las Vegas area. As a matter of fact, billions of dollars in residential / commercial and industrial development is either in the planning or construction phase. How will this affect the local economy? To start, the residential market is […]

With homes in high demand and selling fast , where’s the rental market going?

April 2017 – The sales market has made news once again in Las Vegas – both with price appreciation and high demand. This is making it ever more challenging for first time home buyers and others to get into a place to call their own. Due to this buying frenzy, many will have to resort […]