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What does Northwest Las Vegas offer?

Northwest Las Vegas has become a popular area to live in over the last 30 years, with tremendous growth over the last 20. What makes it unique? A few reasons. Northwest Las Vegas is the one of the closest areas to Mount Charleston and Lee Canyon, known for its hiking and even skiing among bristle […]

What to know about Southwest Las Vegas!

The Southwest Las Vegas valley has been a popular destination for many years. Spring Valley, an original staple of the southwest, was developed more than 40 years ago through a variety of builders and featured many different types of homes, condos, town homes and apartments. A nice variety of parks were also incorporated in the […]

What makes Green Valley popular with locals?

Green Valley has been dubbed the very first master planned community in the Las Vegas valley, with planning beginning during the early 1970’s. It is comprised off various neighborhoods, or sub associations in the city of Henderson. To this day, it continues to attract both seasoned and new residents and investors. What does Green Valley […]

What makes Summerlin so popular to live in?

It seems that whether you are a long time resident or brand new to Las Vegas, Summerlin comes up consistently as a desirable location. Many search it out as their place to call home. What makes Summerlin a top contender among new residents and natives to live in? Here are 3 top reasons: 1. Location: […]

Saving Money for a Down Payment!

Saving for a mortgage down payment is one of the most difficult endeavors for the average individual or family. While some can find lending options at 0% down, most have to put at least 3% down (typically for a FHA loan) with many having to put down 5% (for a conventional loan). Those are bare […]

What every first time home buyer should know!

The thought of buying your very first home is exciting! Home ownership is in your future! Its hard to believe sometimes. You can’t wait to begin shopping every home improvement store looking for decor and furniture. And with good reason. Not only is it exciting to have your very own home, but your on your […]

Should you rely on online sale and rental estimates?

There is no shortage of online platforms for real estate, such as Zillow or Redfin. These platforms don’t just offer to list your home for rent or sale but they give you estimated values for both. Many homeowners will glance at these and either be over the top excited or, well, disappointed. They will use […]