Prepping your property for the rental market – What to do and what not!

A room with purple door and purple wall

If your circumstances changed and you have to move from your home but don’t want to sell it, you will most likely look to rent it. As you move your furniture and effects from the home, you’ll probably notice years of wear showing up along with the personal touches you made that made this house your home. So, what should you do – and what not – as you prepare the home for a prospective tenant?

First, you have to accept that not everyone will appreciate the personal touch you had. The various painted colors throughout the home or custom drapes or curtains, while they matched your style, may not be embraced by a potential tenant. It can actually detract from the home renting within a reasonable amount of time. So, what should you do?

For walls painted in non neutral colors or earth tones, it may be in your best interest to repaint. That bright pink or purple room can throw someone off. Neutral wall colors, on the other hand, tend to match nearly all furniture styles and personal tastes. Even some well chosen earth tones can do well. So, as much as you probably don’t want to paint the house, it will go a long way in getting it rented.

Second, invest in getting your carpets professionally shampooed. While you may decide to do it yourself, a professional company with professional equipment will leave the carpets looking great and smelling fresh. Their equipment can pull dirt that’s deep in the carpet fibers. They might also be able to apply enzymes for any pet damage. Of course, find a reputable company or get a referral for one. It’s worth the effort!

Third, make sure your home is nice and clean. Cabinet interiors, appliances, baseboards and fan blades are all part of getting the home prepped for rent. Also, be sure to check the bathrooms to make sure the toilets and showers are thoroughly cleaned. If in doubt, ask yourself: Would I be happy moving into the home in the condition it’s in?

Why is prepping a property for rent so important? Because it will affect how quickly the home will rent for and how much rent you might get. Even more important, it will set the standard for the tenant. So, never view your rental property as “just another rental.” View it as a successful investment and take the steps to make that happen!

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