What to know about planting grass in the desert!

Most of us enjoy the look and feel of grass. After all, it stays cooler in the summer than perhaps rock and adds a nice green space in the neighborhood and your yard. Before you install this commodity, here’s a few things to keep in mind to make sure this is the best decision for you and for our precious resources:

Grass needs to be mowed regularly, preferably weekly. If left to over grow, it will block the path of sprinklers and cause dry brown spots to appear, making it unsightly. To restore it will take additional time and money for seed or sod. If you hire a landscaper, keep in mind the costs that go along with it. Additionally, grass needs fertilizer periodically to ensure it stays healthy and green and free of weeds.

Many know all to well that it takes lots of water, especially in the spring to fall season. This adds considerably to your water bill and taxes this resource, which is already in high demand.

If your willing to undertake the maintenance and costs of installing and maintaining grass, here are a few reminders from the Southern Nevada Water Authority about preserving water:

If your grass is:

A. Only touched by a mower
B. Bordering a street
C. Difficult to access
D. Never used

Then your grass is wasting water.

By converting useless grass, you can save our community 12 Billion of gallons of water per year.

Be grass and water smart! Only install grass that you will use and will benefit you.

Source: Southern Nevada Water Authority: snwa.com

Contributed by Nicklin Property Management.

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