What color should you paint your home?

Colors are endless. Choosing the right one, though, is key and the most challenging decision. Reality shows on TV showcase a variety of different designs, color schemes and decor. Your local home improvement store has samples galore! So, what should you base your decision on?
One thing to remember: Painting is time consuming and costly, even when you do it yourself. You have to buy the paint, tape, tarp and painting materials. Then you have to invest your precious time into it. So, make the color count!

If you are planning on painting a rental property or perhaps a home you will live in with the intention of renting it down the road, we suggest a neutral color scheme with perhaps accent hints. A common color which is used by builders is Swiss coffee, which is an off white color that still adds a touch of warmth to the home. A neutral color scheme, though seemingly bland, is one that will go with most tenants furniture and decorum and as a result, appeal to most tenants. However, if you feel inclined to add a touch of color, accent walls are a good way to do it. You can choose, for example, one wall in the living area and add an earth tone color. This way, the color matches the neutral scheme and can still appeal to most tenants.

Choosing vibrant colors, such as red, purple, yellow or blue, though it may be in good taste, does create a theme on its own. This may not appeal to tenants if their furniture and decor will not match. Always be mindful of what will appeal to the majority of potential tenants so your home can lease quickly to the best qualified tenant.

Other colors to consider are in the family of brown and gray. Gray is a neutral color as well, especially when it is light. It tends to go well with espresso or light maple cabinetry and adds a modern look yet keeps the home open to a variety of decor. Very light brown colors can add warmth to a home, especially when the shade is light. Try to avoid dark colors as this makes an area look smaller and it is more difficult to repaint down the road!

When choosing paint for a rental home, especially when repainting the entire home, consider using paint with an eggshell finish. Eggshell gives you a moderate sheen which makes it easier to clean down the road without being shiny like semi-gloss. Bathrooms, however, are perfect candidates for semi-gloss as it will repel water.

So, be sure to choose your colors wisely and enjoy the benefits of a tastefully painted home!

Contributed by Nicklin Property Management.

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