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    Find out more about our exciting trip to Edmonton where we spoke to large investor audiences

2009 Edmonton Recreational Real Estate Show

In 2009, Nicklin Property Management was invited to the Edmonton Recreational Real Estate Show.  We flew up there a couple of days before and enjoyed taking in the scenery of Edmonton prior to our meet and greet and the show itself.  The show took place at the Edmonton Expo center where we were joined by many Realtors, exhibitors and new home builders from around the world.  The purpose of the show was to feature affordable and popular areas for secondary homes and rental properties.  We we’re proud to feature Las Vegas.  Once the doors opened on a Saturday, many investors came.  And many we’re interested in Las Vegas.

Our booth was set up to provide useful information on the Las Vegas rental market.  Many investors stopped by and asked questions about the Las Vegas rental market and how Nicklin manages properties.  Even more so, 2009 was turning into a very difficult economic period with property values plunging and vacancies on the rise due to what would become the “Great Recession.” This was discussed with potential investors.  We we’re happy to exchange contact information and ultimately stay in touch with a number of those potential investors. Additionally, coordinators of the show held presentations to large investor audiences, which we were proud to be a part of to discuss market conditions and strategy.  Nicklin is proud to have been able to contribute in the promotion of Las Vegas as a great place to invest in during a time the city needed help.

Even though more than 10 years have passed since the Edmonton Recreational Property Show, it is a highlight during our more than 30 years in business. We are proud to have been chosen to represent our city, one which we are proud off. Additionally, as we enter a challenging economic time once again, we reflect on our contributions and continue to look for ways to help our beautiful city.