Mount Charleston – A quick getaway from the city!

Many tourists that visit Las Vegas focus their attention solely on the Strip and downtown. However, a mountain oasis exists not too far away from the valley floor, about a 45 minute drive from downtown. Known as Mount Charleston, named after a mountain peak, it is nestled between other mountain peaks and is full of bristle cone pine and aspen trees!

Temperatures on Mount Charleston stay much cooler during the summer. And snow is a frequent visitor to the area during winter. Believe it or not, there is a ski resort as well – The Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard resort, complete with a cafe, ski lifts and varying hills! Many locals enjoy getting a taste of winter and doing things like sledding and having snowball fights. During summer, many enjoy biking, hiking and just seeing nature.

If your interested in living in the mountains but being close enough to the city to commute, there are usually a handful of homes and cabins available for sale as well.

So, next time your visiting or if your a new local, check it out and see the other side of Las Vegas!

Contributed by Nicklin Property Management!

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