More Pro Sports for Las Vegas – What Can We Expect?

baseball stadium under roof view with fans

As the Oakland A’s have seemingly decided to relocate over the next few years to Las Vegas, building a state of the art ballpark with it, it’s no secret that such a venture will bring an economic boom to the valley. New employment opportunities and new business growth are sure to accompany such a large investment in the local economy. Additionally, long term, visitors will need to be accommodated and services to support that will need to be offered, which Vegas always delivers on.

In the real estate sector, more visitors means more financial influx into the valley. Commercial real estate around the ballpark itself will no doubt be prized and grow in value, as happened when the Raiders moved into town. More individuals will likely also want to capitalize on the additional tourism with short term rentals or Airbnb’s.

Las Vegas is turning into a professional sports capital with this recent move. Such investments only fuel more investments, since it builds trust for other enterprises who perhaps were thinking of coming to Las Vegas or expanding into the valley. Many businesses get cue’s from each other.

As a result, growth continues and real estate becomes sought after, leading to an increase in values. Already the Las Vegas valley has seen tremendous increases and prices are at all time high’s, even with recent adjustments due to rising interest rates. So, if your thinking of purchasing a property in Las Vegas as an investment or future retirement home, Las Vegas will have plenty to offer in the world of sports. And if you need a professional manager to take care of it for you, choose Nicklin Property Management.

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