What to do during Monsoon season!

That time of year in the desert has come. Monsoon season! For those unfamiliar with monsoon season, it is simply the time when sub tropical moisture comes up into the desert southwest, mixes with the hot daytime temperatures and creates some pretty spectacular thunderstorms, with heavy rains and wind. So, what should you keep in mind now that we are into the monsoon season?

1. Be safe! Stay inside during a thunderstorm to avoid lightning and the potential for hail. Keep your pets safe as well during this time.

2. If you have a roof leak, now is the time to address it. A small leak can turn into a big problem and cause significant property damage.

3. Check the drainage around your home. If you notice an area in your landscaping that is pooling, adjust the grade or contact a qualified vendor to assist you.

4. During consecutive days of rain fall, you might be able to turn your sprinkler clock off, as the rain water should be enough to water your plants and grass. Don’t forget to turn it back on when the rain stops!

Be monsoon season conscious and be proactive during this season!

Contributed by Nicklin Property Management

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