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Many landlord’s understand the importance of keeping a well maintained home. It attracts well qualified tenants and preserves the home into the future. However, when repairs do come up, many landlord’s face the daunting decision of which repairs to complete. Decisions are usually based on the cost of the repair. Are there repairs that should be done sooner than later? Absolutely! Here are five of them and the consequences of not acting diligently in completing them:

1. WATER LEAK: Whether your toilet, sink, garbage disposal, tub or roof is leaking water, you will want to repair a water leak quickly with no delay! An active leak can cause serious damage. A roof leak can create havoc for the attic space and ceiling of your home, causing expensive repairs. Running water inside the house can damage cabinets, floors, drywall and create mold quickly – within 72 hours! An unresolved leak can make your property uninhabitable, leading to costly repairs and lack of rental income.

2. HVAC: The air conditioning and heating system is an important part of your property. When it fails, it can become difficult for a tenant to live in the home, especially during the summer or winter months. When left unresolved, the home can be deemed uninhabitable, leading to lost rent.

3. IRRIGATION ISSUES: While not necessarily a habitability issue, irrigation issues can lead to the vegetation and grass dying, especially during summer. Failing to repair it correctly or replace a malfunctioning irrigation clock can cause issues and problems fairly quickly. This can lead to costly replacement of shrubs and trees. It is best to have irrigation issues repaired quickly.

4. FLOORING ISSUES: Loose tiles or worn out flooring, such carpet pulling away from tack strips, can pose safety issues. Loose tiles can lead to a tripping hazard while exposed tack strips can poke someone in the feet. It is best to hire a professional to look at the issue and resolve it.

5. EXTERIOR: Worn paint on the exterior, such as fascia boards, can cause premature rotting of those boards, leading to replacement. Large cracks in the stucco or lack of seal around windows can allow water to penetrate, leading to damages. It is best to seal those areas and apply paint to preserve your home and keep it in good shape for years to come.

So, be maintenance smart! Preserve your property. Be a proactive landlord.

Contributed by Nicklin Property Management.

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