Keep rodents away from your home!

Grey rat near wooden wall on floor. Pest control.

The idea of rats or mice around your property may sound repulsive. At the same time, it may seem an unlikely encounter, especially in the desert. However, don’t let the dry desert climate fool you! Rats and mice are a common occurrence in Las Vegas! That’s right! While not everyone will encounter them, many have. And not just one or two, but a mischief of them (yes, mischief describes a group of rats!). Because Las Vegas has changed over the years from its natural, desert landscape to one that incorporates fruit trees and other edibles, it has become more common to encounter these rodents in neighborhoods all around the valley. So much so, some pest control companies are busier than ever setting up traps and sealing openings to attics and other access points in a house.

So, what can you do to mitigate rats and mice from coming into your home?

  1. Ensure your home is sealed: Walk around your home and look for access points. Are there openings below the roof line into the attic that may need a mesh screen? Do you have gaps at your garage door when its closed? Your roof may also provide an access point and have opening and gaps that can lead to a rodent entering. Remember – they are sly and will find a way.
  2. Prevent tree overhang over your roof: Rats are great climbers. They can easily use a tree branch to access your roof, find an opening and boom! – you have yourself a rat family in the attic. Keep an eye our for mature trees that are planted close the house that may have overhanging limbs over your roof. Either prune them or hire a company to cut them back.
  3. Keep the area around your home clean and free of food: Rodents will take advantage of food scraps or pet food. Keeping your yard free of these will keep them from viewing your home as a pit stop for a buffet.

Of course, if you happen to notice a rat problem, call a professional who can evaluate the situation and make necessary recommendations. The longer a rodent problem is left untreated, the more damage you will encounter and the costlier it will become to remediate.

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