Got pigeons? What should you do?

Pigeons have become a nuisance around the Las Vegas valley. They are everywhere it seems; shopping centers, public facilities and homes. Not only is the sheer number of them concerning, however, they pose a public health risk. Most of us notice the pigeon droppings, which are toxic. So, what can be done to minimize pigeons from frequenting your home, creating a mess and subsequently a health hazard?

If you notice that pigeons are roosting on your home, perhaps in shaded areas under the roof line or under a roof top AC unit, you will most likely need to contact a pigeon control company. They will be able to evaluate the areas they are attracted to and install protective mesh or spikes, or a combination of both, to keep them from landing on ledges, under roof eaves or making their way under that AC unit. You may also notice pigeons or other birds trying to access points of your patio cover. If it is safe and reachable, you can purchase plastic spikes or metal mesh from your local home improvement store and using liquid nails, easily affix them to the area the birds frequent.

Is there anything else that you can do to limit pigeons from coming to your yard or home? Yes! Many of us don’t think about this, however, leaving food and water for our pets constantly outside can attract pigeons! If your pet is indoors, it may be a good idea to bring in food to limit the reasons a pigeon would want to frequent your home and property. Ensure that your exterior is also nice and tidy.

By taking these steps, you can minimize pigeons in your yard and the health hazard they can cause.

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