How to add curb appeal to your home!

We have all seen that house – it looks good as you drive by, as you pull into the driveway and no doubt even looks good when looking out the windows. Its the house everyone notices in the neighborhood and if it should ever sell, it will no doubt fly off the market.

This house has excellent curb appeal! Tastefully designed landscaping surrounded by a well maintained house that can be seen clearly from the street. Most of us want that type of house, however, few of us achieve it. What can you do to bring curb appeal to your home, even if your not selling or renting it? The improvements can be fairly simple!

1. Prune trees: When a tree starts off in a small 5 gallon bucket and is planted, it is overpowered by the rest of the landscaping and house. However, fast forward 5 or 10 years, and that tree probably has grown considerably. Even if it’s not the largest tree, branches have probably grown in different directions and may make the tree look somewhat irregular. Be sure to look at the tree from the street / sidewalk and see what branches may need to be trimmed back some to keep the tree looking neat and clean and have a more uniform look.

2. Trim plants and bushes: We’re all excited to see our plants grow, however, if not trimmed back, they can overpower the house and look unkempt. This will lead to a messy look around your house. Be sure to trim plants and bushes on a regular basis. If there are too many plants that are over crowding your planter bed, you may want to consider removing some. A simpler landscape has more curb appeal.

3. Painting your house: With each year, the exterior paint wears more and more. Run off from rain water from the roof of your house coupled with the strong desert sun leads to stains. You can touch these stains up by matching some paint at your local hardware store. Simply grab a cable or phone cover plate on the exterior of your home and have it paint matched. You can then touch up the stains and even caulk and paint any cracks around your house.

4. Light fixtures: Older light fixtures, such as porch lights or ceiling lights by an entry can date a house as well. Adding newer, modern brushed nickel or bronze lights can really push your house into the 21st century and give you good curb appeal.

5. Garage driveway: Every garage driveway gets tire and oil stains. Be sure to buy the appropriate cleaners to keep your driveway looking sharp.

These 5 steps can give you the curb appeal you want. You will have pride of ownership or if your thinking about selling or renting, you can maximize your profits!

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Contributed by Nicklin Property Management.

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