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If you have visited Lake Mead in recent months or years, there is no doubt that you have observed a lower than normal water level.  As a matter of fact, Lake Mead was at only 40% capacity in 2010 and the water level has continued to drop.  The water situation has brought on speculation that Lake Mead, the main water source for Las Vegas, will dry up.  Is that the case? What has led to the drought?
Lake Mead formed in 1936 by the National Park Service.  The name, as it is today, came around in the 1940s.  The Lake is supplied with water from snowmelt in the Rocky Mountains, traveling to the lake via the Colorado River.
Over the last two decades, many changes have happened that has affected the lake water level.  Climate change, reduced rainfall, and human demand have put a strain on the water source.  Las Vegas, the main consumer of Lake Mead’s water, has grown significantly.  All of these factors have led to the water level dropping over the last 20 years so, with prominent drops over the last 10 years, nearly creating an emergency.
Due to this, proactive action was taken by authorities.  For example, a new intake tunnel was constructed in the middle of the lake, which took 7 years to build and cost nearly $1.5 billion.  This will allow water to still be accessible even if the water level continues to drop, below the current intake tunnels.
As Lake Mead continues to experience below normal levels, what does the future hold?  The Las Vegas Water Authority, which oversees water usage, continues to monitor the situation.  Many watering restrictions exist to preserve this precious resource.  And plans are being explored to tap into additional water resources.
So, while it is concerning that Lake Mead, a major water source, continues to drop, proactive steps are being taken to either replenish or add additional water sources.  Water restrictions within the Las Vegas valley have already saved millions of gallons of water each year.  These steps should give a measure of peace of mind to those who make Las Vegas their home.
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As summer approaches, all of us will become very aware of the hot temperatures that will settle into the Las Vegas valley. We will find the need to hydrate more often and stay indoors during the hottest part of the day.  What about our pets?  Here are 5 things to keep in mind to keep your furry friends safe and comfortable:

  1. Hydrate your pets with plenty of water: In addition to leaving water inside, be sure to put water outside as well so your pets can take a drink when accessing your yard or patio
  2. Don’t leave your pets outside for too long: Make sure that your pets have access to the indoors, especially during the hottest part of the day.
  3. Don’t leave your pet in your car: Leaving your pet in your car, even with the windows lowered, can still expose them to heat related illness.  Temperatures inside the car can easily reach over 150 degrees on a hot summer day.
  4. Limit exercise of your pet until its cooler: Use the cooler mornings and evenings to let your pet run in the park.  Exercising during the hot part of the day, with the scorching sun, can lead to heat exhaustion.
  5. Visit a veterinarian if your pet displays heat related illness: If after being outdoors and in the heat, your pet displays different than normal behavior or becomes lethargic, be sure to visit a vet quickly.

So, be safe this summer.  And keep your pets out of harms way as well.

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With summer coming soon, warm weather will turn into hot weather which will last for a considerable amount of time.  Before temperatures reach the unbearable stage, be sure to complete these five things around your home to either determine if a repair should occur now or to verify that everything should be ready when the hot temps hit!


  1. Check your AC system: While some of us may not have turned on our AC system yet since temperatures are mild and comfortable, it would be a good idea to turn the cooling system on to check and make sure that it will start properly and run for an extended period of time.  This is a good time to get a preventative check done by an HVAC company as well.  Should the unit have difficulties cooling, it is best to handle the matter now, when temperatures are cooler and AC contractors are not overwhelmingly busy.


  1. Check your irrigation system: Make sure that your sprinkler system is functioning correctly.  Be sure to set it to water everyday of the week.  Additionally, run the system through a manual setting and inspect every plant to make sure the dripper / bubbler head is releasing water correctly.  Any clogs can be addressed by purchasing a bag of new drippers and replacing them.  Likewise with grass.  Be sure that every sprinkler is working and watering the grass correctly.  Broken or non working sprinklers will have to be replaced.  Check these items before the hot weather starts and your landscaping suffers.


  1. Check door seals: Make sure you have a good seal around your doors.  These keep cold air in and reduce your power bill.  If needed, purchase new door seals.


  1. Pest Control: During hot weather, pests will want to enter your home.  In addition to having a good door seal, be sure to use pest spray around doors and in the garage to limit bugs and other critters from entering the home itself.


  1. Pools: If you have a pool, be sure everything is working correctly and the pool is serviced weekly.  Lack of proper filtration or chemicals can cause algae to form fast due to the hot weather. If you have an older pool that does not have auto fill to keep the water level up, be sure to monitor the water level regularly and add more with a hose.  Evaporation happens rapidly in the summer.  You may want to invest in an auto fill valve that is placed on the side of the pool with a hose hooked up to it that will allow water in when the level falls.

So, prepare now for the hot weather and you will be glad you did!

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Recent trends show that many individuals are looking to eat both healthier and fresher. With that trend, growing herbs is gaining momentum. Grocery stores are starting to carry a number of potted herbs that, when properly maintained and cared for, can produce for a long time. Additionally, it is inexpensive to buy these potted herbs. So how do you care for potted herbs?

When buying planted herbs, such as mint or basil, or really any other herbs that you plan on keeping indoors, be sure to:

  1. Get a plastic saucer to put under the pot the herbs are planted in. This way, you do not waste water and any fertilizer can stay in the pot for the benefit of the plant.
  2. Be sure the soil is moist consistently. Most pots are small, so you won’t need a lot of water, but enough to keep the soil most. That will most likely require adding a little water every day.
  3. Allow the herbs to have some sunlight. Put them next to a window so they can absorb the light. Be wary of leaving them outside – especially if it is cold or hot, as they have a lower tolerance for extreme conditions.
  4. Be conscious of how you cut the herb – basil, for example, has small leaves. When cutting a leaf off, check for new growth below it. Make sure you carefully trim off a leaf without accidentally cutting off new growth.
  5. As time goes on, you may need to replant into a bigger pot and add some fertilizer specifically designed for that specific herb.

Happy planting, eating and staying healthy!

Pigeons have become a nuisance around the Las Vegas valley. They are everywhere it seems; shopping centers, public facilities and homes. Not only is the sheer number of them concerning, however, they pose a public health risk. Most of us notice the pigeon droppings, which are toxic. So, what can be done to minimize pigeons from frequenting your home, creating a mess and subsequently a health hazard?

If you notice that pigeons are roosting on your home, perhaps in shaded areas under the roof line or under a roof top AC unit, you will most likely need to contact a pigeon control company. They will be able to evaluate the areas they are attracted to and install protective mesh or spikes, or a combination of both, to keep them from landing on ledges, under roof eaves or making their way under that AC unit. You may also notice pigeons or other birds trying to access points of your patio cover. If it is safe and reachable, you can purchase plastic spikes or metal mesh from your local home improvement store and using liquid nails, easily affix them to the area the birds frequent.

Is there anything else that you can do to limit pigeons from coming to your yard or home? Yes! Many of us don’t think about this, however, leaving food and water for our pets constantly outside can attract pigeons! If your pet is indoors, it may be a good idea to bring in food to limit the reasons a pigeon would want to frequent your home and property. Ensure that your exterior is also nice and tidy.

By taking these steps, you can minimize pigeons in your yard and the health hazard they can cause.

Though the Las Vegas valley experienced snow just last week, this week and the weeks to come will be full of spring like temperatures. It will no doubt be a welcome change to many who are accustomed to the warmer temperatures or who moved to the desert to escape the cold. With all of the rain and snow we have had over the last few weeks, many plants in your yard will be ready to bloom with the consistent warmer temperatures along with the various plants in the natural desert, usually allowing for a beautiful and colorful desert floor. That, of course, will be a nice change of scenery after many trees lose their leaves for the winter and plants go dormant.

However, in addition to the plants, those pesky weeds will be ready to come back as well. And typically, with a wetter than usual winter, they will come back strong! So, be sure to keep an eye on your front and backyard, especially over the next 6-8 weeks. Be sure to keep up with weeds as they come up to prevent them from spreading. A yard that is not kept up with, especially during the spring, can easily become a weed farm, leading to a costly clean up. And if you have an HOA, they will be sure to take notice as well!

Keep a small shovel on hand to help you dig those weeds up. And be sure to remove the root as well. A little effort will save you in the long run!

November 2017 – Seemingly overnight, Las Vegas has become a destination for professional sports. While exhibition and pre-season games have been played in Las Vegas in numerous venues by professional and international teams, Las Vegas has lacked its very own professional teams – until recently. True, Triple A baseball has been in the valley for a few decades and even an international hockey league team started in the early 90’s, playing through 1999 before being dissolved. As a matter of fact, the valleys triple A baseball team, the Las Vegas 51’s, will be soon playing at a new baseball field that is to be built in Summerlin, showing the expected long term commitment to the valley and support for the sport.

Numerous factors affected the success and draw of professional teams to the Las Vegas valley. However, in recent years, more attention has been placed on Las Vegas as a professional sports team city. The support has increased significantly and money put into attracting teams has grown.

It started with the NHL and forming a new expansion team, the Vegas Golden Knights, now in the midst of their very first season, playing at the new T Mobile Arena. Shortly thereafter, the Oakland Raiders expressed interest to move to Las Vegas. After much debate and approval for a state of the art NFL stadium, the Raiders were granted the move and expected to begin play in Las Vegas in 2020, after the completion of their 2 billion dollar stadium. Both the NHL and NFL being in Las Vegas has dominated the news. In the course of the last year, additional sports teams are coming to Las Vegas. A new soccer team, known as the Las Vegas Lights FC, which will be part of the United Soccer League, will be unveiling a new expansion team in 2018 and playing at Cashman Field. Finally, the WNBA announced recently that the San Antonio Stars will be relocating to Las Vegas, beginning play in the 2018 season at the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

All of these developments recently signify the high interest in having professional sports as a major attraction in Las Vegas. With these developments, many have begun to wonder what other professional sports teams may be considering relocation or what expansion teams may be formed in the future.