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5 things to do at your home before Summer!

With summer coming soon, warm weather will turn into hot weather which will last for a considerable amount of time.  Before temperatures reach the unbearable stage, be sure to complete these five things around your home to either determine if a repair should occur now or to verify that everything should be ready when the […]

The Nevada Eviction Process – What to Know!

One of the greatest fears of owning a rental property for most homeowners is the fear of an eviction. And rightly so! An eviction usually means unpaid rent, possible damages to a home and the task of navigating the legal system to complete it. It leaves many owners flustered and upset. So, here are a […]

Healthy Eating – 5 easy steps when growing your own herbs

Recent trends show that many individuals are looking to eat both healthier and fresher. With that trend, growing herbs is gaining momentum. Grocery stores are starting to carry a number of potted herbs that, when properly maintained and cared for, can produce for a long time. Additionally, it is inexpensive to buy these potted herbs. […]

Got pigeons? What should you do?

Pigeons have become a nuisance around the Las Vegas valley. They are everywhere it seems; shopping centers, public facilities and homes. Not only is the sheer number of them concerning, however, they pose a public health risk. Most of us notice the pigeon droppings, which are toxic. So, what can be done to minimize pigeons […]

Are You Ready for Spring?

Though the Las Vegas valley experienced snow just last week, this week and the weeks to come will be full of spring like temperatures. It will no doubt be a welcome change to many who are accustomed to the warmer temperatures or who moved to the desert to escape the cold. With all of the […]

What is ROI?

Many have heard that acronym used around financial advisors or investors, including those involved in rental properties.  ROI stands for “Return on Investment.”  And it simply shows what the rate of return is on an investment that is made.  When it comes to a rental property, the ROI is usually looked at by an investor […]

Short Term vs. Long Term Rentals

Short term private rentals have become popular over the last few years, with sites such as Airbnb and Home Away. And with good reason. Being able to rent out a house or condo at a daily hotel rate seems lucrative. And with success stories circulating out there, more people have jumped on the bandwagon. So, […]