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Where Are Americans Moving To?

What a year 2020 turned out to be! The COVID pandemic coupled with an uncertain economy contributed to where people moved to around the country. Additionally, with many companies offering remote work, this allowed many to move to less densely populated areas or where the cost of living was significantly less. So, where did Americans […]


December 2020 Las Vegas Real Estate Update

The Las Vegas real estate market continued to exhibit resilience amidst COVID restrictions, high unemployment and a re-instituted eviction moratorium (though this one is more specific and different than the previous one). The median price of a single family home was $345,000 according to the Las Vegas Realtors association. Year over year, this was a […]


Real Estate: A Year in Review

As we transition to a new year, we look back on a year that is, by all standards, far from any norm for any of us. While the year started on a “normal” note, it quickly changed to one of mask wearing and economic instability all amidst a rising housing market. Really, it has defied […]