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Las Vegas rents going up, up up!

While the Las Vegas real estate market has been getting a lot of attention over the last few months, we thought it would be good to discuss the rental market, which also has experienced a similar situation. Yes, Las Vegas rents are going up, up and up! This is music to every landlord’s ears, especially […]


What should your rental property include?

In previous articles, we discussed the importance of having a clean and maintained property to attract a qualified tenant. In addition, what should you include to help maximize your rent and make your rental attractive? Some landlord’s don’t want to add anything more than the basic necessities, working to limit expenses. And that is understandable. […]

Are interest rates about to go up?

While the housing market continues to appreciate, buyers seem plentiful and inventory limited, will 2021 be the year that see’s an increase in interest rates? While time will tell, it is interesting to note what is happening with the market. For one, interest rates right now are one of the biggest drivers for buyers, especially […]