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Keep rodents away from your home!

The idea of rats or mice around your property may sound repulsive. At the same time, it may seem an unlikely encounter, especially in the desert. However, don’t let the dry desert climate fool you! Rats and mice are a common occurrence in Las Vegas! That’s right! While not everyone will encounter them, many have. […]

Should I buy a rental property that needs repairs?

What exactly does the home inspection reveal? Are they overall minor issues that can be fixed easily? Will the seller be willing to repair those few items? If not, are they relatively a simple fix that won’t cost too much? While a list of repairs may at times look daunting, a closer look may reveal […]


Las Vegas Real Estate Market On a Hot Streak / Median Price $405,000 – Your August Market Update

The Las Vegas housing market continued a hot streak throughout August leading into September. The median sales price of a single family home was $405,000 (Las Vegas Realtors), matching the prior month. The median list price was $422,000 according to Realtor.com, a possible indicator of continued price appreciation. More and more buyers from out of […]