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The Rental Market in 2024 – Trends and Changes to Expect

As we move further into 2024, the rental market continues to evolve, influenced by a variety of economic factors, technological advancements, and shifting societal norms. Understanding these trends is crucial for tenants, landlords, real estate professionals, and policymakers. Here’s a look at some key changes expected in the rental market this year. 1. Increased Demand […]

9 Fun Outdoor Activities In Las Vegas

Go All-In with These 9 Fun Outdoor Activities in Las Vegas Contributed by Nicklin Property Management According to Las Vegas local Adrian Frankfurter of Nicklin Property Management, the Las Vegas area has plenty of delicious dining options. You can grab a meal at a restaurant and then catch a baseball game in the city for a […]


How to adjust to a changing rental market

As Las Vegas home prices continue their slide, the rental market has seen an uptick in available rentals and as a result, more stagnation in the market. Nonetheless, properties are still leasing above average. When market conditions change, what should Landlord’s know and do to stay ahead of market changes and curves? Don’t expect last […]