Are You Ready for Spring?

Though the Las Vegas valley experienced snow just last week, this week and the weeks to come will be full of spring like temperatures. It will no doubt be a welcome change to many who are accustomed to the warmer temperatures or who moved to the desert to escape the cold. With all of the rain and snow we have had over the last few weeks, many plants in your yard will be ready to bloom with the consistent warmer temperatures along with the various plants in the natural desert, usually allowing for a beautiful and colorful desert floor. That, of course, will be a nice change of scenery after many trees lose their leaves for the winter and plants go dormant.

However, in addition to the plants, those pesky weeds will be ready to come back as well. And typically, with a wetter than usual winter, they will come back strong! So, be sure to keep an eye on your front and backyard, especially over the next 6-8 weeks. Be sure to keep up with weeds as they come up to prevent them from spreading. A yard that is not kept up with, especially during the spring, can easily become a weed farm, leading to a costly clean up. And if you have an HOA, they will be sure to take notice as well!

Keep a small shovel on hand to help you dig those weeds up. And be sure to remove the root as well. A little effort will save you in the long run!

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