5 things to do at your home before Summer!

With summer coming soon, warm weather will turn into hot weather which will last for a considerable amount of time.  Before temperatures reach the unbearable stage, be sure to complete these five things around your home to either determine if a repair should occur now or to verify that everything should be ready when the hot temps hit!


  1. Check your AC system: While some of us may not have turned on our AC system yet since temperatures are mild and comfortable, it would be a good idea to turn the cooling system on to check and make sure that it will start properly and run for an extended period of time.  This is a good time to get a preventative check done by an HVAC company as well.  Should the unit have difficulties cooling, it is best to handle the matter now, when temperatures are cooler and AC contractors are not overwhelmingly busy.


  1. Check your irrigation system: Make sure that your sprinkler system is functioning correctly.  Be sure to set it to water everyday of the week.  Additionally, run the system through a manual setting and inspect every plant to make sure the dripper / bubbler head is releasing water correctly.  Any clogs can be addressed by purchasing a bag of new drippers and replacing them.  Likewise with grass.  Be sure that every sprinkler is working and watering the grass correctly.  Broken or non working sprinklers will have to be replaced.  Check these items before the hot weather starts and your landscaping suffers.


  1. Check door seals: Make sure you have a good seal around your doors.  These keep cold air in and reduce your power bill.  If needed, purchase new door seals.


  1. Pest Control: During hot weather, pests will want to enter your home.  In addition to having a good door seal, be sure to use pest spray around doors and in the garage to limit bugs and other critters from entering the home itself.


  1. Pools: If you have a pool, be sure everything is working correctly and the pool is serviced weekly.  Lack of proper filtration or chemicals can cause algae to form fast due to the hot weather. If you have an older pool that does not have auto fill to keep the water level up, be sure to monitor the water level regularly and add more with a hose.  Evaporation happens rapidly in the summer.  You may want to invest in an auto fill valve that is placed on the side of the pool with a hose hooked up to it that will allow water in when the level falls.

So, prepare now for the hot weather and you will be glad you did!

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Contributed by Nicklin Property Management.

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