5 Fall Maintenance Tips!

Fall is in the air! Now is the time to prepare for colder temperatures!

With cooler temperatures setting in, it is now the perfect time to get a little bit of fall time maintenance taken care off! Here are our top 5:

1. Tune up your heating system: While turning on your heater may be a distant thought, cooler temperatures are really, not so distant. Now is the time to test your heating system out and make sure it starts and runs after being off for many months. Keep in mind that the first time you turn on your heater you will have a burning smell as the dust that has settled burns off. It is also advisable to hire a qualified HVAC technician to check all components so your not stuck in the cold when you need the heater most!

2. Protect your anti siphon valve: Your anti siphon valve, located on the side of your home with a pressure regulator at the top, connects with your landscaping and keeps water from siphoning back into your clean water supply. Now is the time to visit your home improvement store to insulate the valve and pressure regulator. Valves that have no insulation can crack and create a substantial leak when temperatures drop down to freezing during winter.

3. Protect your water spigots: As with the anti siphon valve, it is good to insulate the water spigot valve. Home improvement stores carry special covers to keep freezing air from damaging the spigot. Save yourself from an unexpected water leak!

4. Change out door seals: Door seals wear out over time. Check to see if you see any gaps or light between the door and the outside. If so, pick up a roll of door seal to replace. This way, you can keep bugs out and save on your power and gas bill by keeping warm air in!

5. Gutters and yard maintenance: Though most homes in the desert don’t have gutters, some do. If you have gutters and large trees surrounding your homes, such as pine or a leaf dropping tree, be sure to check your gutters and get them cleaned to keep water moving during a storm. Even if you don’t have gutters, be sure to clean leaves from your landscaping regularly as they fall to prevent an unsightly yard and a potential HOA violation.

Enjoy fall and all that comes with it (such as pumpkin latte’s and pumpkin pie) and stay ahead with these fall maintenance tips!

Contributed by Nicklin Property Management.

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