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★★★★★21 Sep 2016, Ronald M.

"This has been the most delightful experience I have in counter ,for being out of town the transaction went very smoothly ... Thank you again Jessica."

★★★★★07 Sep 2016. Debbie W.

"Enjoyed talking to Fran and appreciated the help she provided with the error from Republic Services"

★★★★★25 Aug 2016, Joe A. E. H.

"Ms. Roberta Garcia did an outstanding job of fairly and equitably resolving a missed appointment charge for our tenants. Well done Roberta! Thanks"

★★★★★22 Aug 2016, Brandon P.

"Nicklin always responds quickly to any repair request. The website to pay rent online is very user friendly."

★★★★★18 Aug 2016, Juan A.C.

"i am greatly satisfied for Nicklin Property Mgnt. Excellent service. Thank you so much."

★★★★17 Aug 2016, Melelini F.

"I've occupied this property for 5 months and so far, I have not had any major problems with the property, just minor issues that I am able to take of without involving your office."

★★★★★16 Aug 2016, Sharron C.

"No problems with Nicklin. Easy to work with."

★★★★★13 Aug 2016, Diana B.

"keep up the great work!"

★★★★★13 Aug 2016, William B.

"I enjoy doing business with this Property Management"

★★★★★12 Aug 2016, Kasei B.

"I have only one negative which is when I went to move in. I was asked if the first of the month was OK. This would have cost the owner 10 days of rent. On move out it took four days to get the walk through done when the new tenant was ready to move in four days prior. This cost me rent four days rent. Other than that you all were great."

★★★★★08 Aug 2016, Larry F. J.

"This is on the last house inspection. The gentleman how performed this inspection was highly professional and very respectful. The term house inspection sounds like the landlord is out do get you but this gentleman made it very easy and fast. I don't empress easily but this gentleman impressed me."

★★★★★05 Aug 2016, Mary G.

"They've always been super friendly and helpful no matter what the situation is. It's been a pleasure renting with them for the past 3 years! I would recommend them to anyone in need of a rental!"

★★★★05 Aug 2016, Steven P.

"I have a management company watching my own property located in Sahuarita, AZ. The one complaint I have with Nicklin compared to the company I have for my own property is that the payment MUST be paid on the first business day of the month and only the first by COB. So when my paycheck comes in, and money isn't in the account yet from my wife or my own paycheck hasn't deposited yet (automatically) I have a deliquent payment and now I have to either drive from work (Nellis AFB) to Henderson then home on the NW side or have to drive down there from home, or I have to use a credit card to make my payment because my debit won't work. My wife and I are both deployed in Afghanistan, we work 12 hrs a day, 7 days a week, for 4 months and I have to come in early to make my rent because I have to wait for my check to deposit, then be in before you close. Extremely inconvienent. My company down in AZ allows 6 days. All I would like is the payment to be drafted automatically on the second, have at least two days of 48 hours straight of possibility to make the payment. But, I can't have the auto draft any more, ever. Maybe some people make enough money to have the rent available at the end of the month, but thanks to my check coming in on the first, and the draft coming out the same day, I have a year to deal with this. One more year. Other than that, everyone seems very friendly, understanding, I get that everyone works for the one that makes the rules so I don't think it's anyone's fault but one persons. I have rules to follow as well. Have a great day, if chick fil a is open down there please eat some for me. See y'all on October."

★★★★02 Aug 2016, Leona T.

"They are pretty timely when I have an issue which needs to b dealt with."

★★★★★31 Jul 2016, Michelle D.

"They helped mediate with an unreasonable landlord. Very grateful!"

★★★★★30 Jul 2016, Andre D.

"I am a over the road truck driver and I love being able to pay my rent online."

★★★★★29 Jul 2016, Ruth

"You are doing fine. Thanks"

★★★★★28 Jul 2016, Nancy

"We are very satisfied with Nicklin's management of our property thus far."

★★★★★28 Jul 2016, Michael T.

"Except for ONE hiccup, my experience with Nicklin has definitely been a FIVE TAR experience. The one hiccup was handled promptly and a positive outcome was facilitated by the staff at Nicklin Property Management. I look forward to doing business with the fine people at Nicklin Property Management!!!!!"

★★★★★22 Jul 2016, Helen . J.

"This is the third year of my association with Nicklin Prperty Management. The experience has been very positive and I have enjoyed working with your Staff. Looking forward to more years."