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Our Team

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Steve Nicklin
Founder, Owner and Corporate Broker

Steve Nicklin brings over 30 years of experience to his namesake company. A native of Southern California, Steve relocated to Las Vegas in the early 1980's and has since established himself as a well respected real estate broker. When he's not working hard, he enjoys spending time with his two children, Hailey and Parker. He also has a passion for racing, which he and his son participate in regularly. Steve supports various causes around the Las Vegas area, including a number of little leagues and United Way in partnership with NV Energy. Steve feels strongly about not texting while driving and as a result, entered a partnership with the Nevada Highway Patrol and began the "Just Let It Ring" campaign.

Sabrina Foster
Director of Operations, Broker-Salesperson and Notary Public

Sabrina Foster brings over 9 years of experience to Nicklin, handling the day to day managerial and human resources tasks for Nicklin. Prior to Nicklin, Sabrina ran a home based business that was prosperous and successful for 7 years. Once her three children were all school age, she obtained her real estate license with an interest in property management. In 2008, she started with Nicklin as the only female field agent, performing walk through's and inspections and coordinating repairs on properties under Nicklin's management. She quickly became responsible for training new agents and within six short years was promoted to Director of Operations. Sabrina enjoy's boating here locally, spending time with her family and visiting the beaches of California, her home state.

Kerry Nicholson
Lead Field Agent, Real Estate Salesperson and Permitted Property Manager

Kerry Nicholson has been with Nicklin for over 18 years. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Nicklin, especially out in the field. Kerry has been instrumental in ensuring that the properties under Nicklin's management are being inspected thoroughly, contributes in implementing new technology and is the go-to person for Nicklin's field inspectors. Kerry has lived in Henderson for 20 years, being a native of Utah. He is an avid golfer and spends his time on the course whenever he is not at the office.

Adrian Frankfurter
Director of New Accounts, Real Estate Salesperson and Permitted Property Manager

Adrian Frankfurter has been with Nicklin for over 10 years. He specializes in new business development and marketing, branding the company name and executing new property management agreements. He is involved with large rehab projects for newly aqcuired properties and provides an array of various services to assist new property owners. After attending UNLV for sometime, Adrian eventually started his real estate career with a national multi family developer before entering property management with Nicklin. After five years of inspecting properties and coordinating repairs, Adrian was promoted to oversee Nicklin's new business development. Outside of property management, Adrian enjoys spending time with his family, traveling extensively and hiking. He is a native of Brooklyn, New York and has lived in Las Vegas for over 20 years.

Verna Love
Leasing Team Leader, Real Estate Salesperson and Permitted Property Manager

Verna Love has been with Nicklin for 10 years. While she has served in many different positions at Nicklin, leasing is her forte and what she enjoys most. She has headed Nicklin's leasing team for a number of years and is an excellent resource for other leasing agents and support staff due to her experience and knowledge. Prior to Nicklin, Verna was a software engineer for a worldwide computer software company writing code for IBM mainframes. Eventually, she joined an investment firm who requested she move to Nevada to open a new corporate headquarters. Verna, her husband and two children moved to Nevada in 1995 from Orange County, California. Ultimately, she joined Nicklin and has been a great asset since. In her spare time, Verna enjoys bowling and attending family sports functions.

Roberta Garcia
Lead Maintenance Coordinator

Roberta Garcia has been a part of Nicklin for 6 years. She is the go-to specialist for repairs, maintenance issues, HOA compliance and emergencies that occur at the properties Nicklin manages. Roberta mentors other maintenance coordinators with Nicklin to ensure everyone has a well rounded knowledge of how maintenance should be handled. Roberta's knowledge is based on 23 years of experience in the service and repair industry in Southern California completing plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical repairs. Roberta has been a great asset to Nicklin in using her knowledge for the benefit of each client.

Renee Robillard
Bookkeeping Supervisor

Renee Robillard is a newer addition to Nicklin, however, her experience with accounting goes back 20 years. Renee oversee's Nicklin's bookkeeping department, handling all account recievables, expenses, reconciliations and deposits with the help of an assistant. Her affinity for numbers and details led her to a career in this field. Renee's background in accounting includes real estate development and commercial property management. Renee relocated to Las Vegas from Chicago in 2000, wanting a change of scenery and some adventure.