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In 1986, a Realtor who began offering property management services to friends and clients he had sold homes to, pursued a course that would change his future in an unimaginable way. Due to the volume of requests he received for managing homes, Steve Nicklin left the real estate company he was working under and formed his namesake company, Nicklin Property Management & Investments, Inc. At the time, he was managing 135 homes and had the assistance of only one other individual.

Steve performed services that were unique in the business - going to great lengths to service his client's and make himself available. News of this spread. His progressive management style was working and the most common issues faced in the rental market were minimized - vacancies and evictions.

Steve's goals included:

1. Creating a full service management firm that was different and effectively handled the unexpected, even if that meant doing things differently than was common in the industry.
2. To provide the most outstanding client service available and ensure every clients' property succeeds.

Nicklin has since grown to over 45 agents and employees, currently managing over 1300 single family properties and 65 homeowner's associations via our sister company. We work with individual homeowners to effectively lease and manage their homes and with real estate investors who own multiple properties and multi-family buildings. Nicklin processes over $15,000,000 in rents annually to owner's locally, out of state and internationally.

Steve Nicklin's goals today are the same as they were 30 years ago. He continues to be an active and inspirational participant in the workings of the company. He is also involved with many causes, some of which include: The Nevada Highway Patrol and the "Just Let It Ring" campaign, being the founder of this; United Way in partnership with NV Energy. Steve has also been the recipient of numerous awards over the years, including recognition from the National Association of Realtors.