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employment opportunities

Nicklin Employment Form

Dear potential applicant: Nicklin Property Management & Investments, Inc. is a leader in the single family property management industry. We value well qualified applicants for positions we may have available. If you have been directed to this form from an employment advertisement, please complete the form below and submit it. If you have not seen an advertisement for the position you are desiring, please contact our office first before completing this form. Applications submitted for positions that are not available will not be reviewed. Thank you for your cooperation.

**Not all positions require a real estate license**

**Not all positions require a property management permit**

**Property Management is all about customer service**

After answering the above questions, if you feel the position we have available is a good fit, please submit this form. After we review it, you will receive a call requesting your resume.

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No Set Up Fee! No Advertising Fees! No Cancellation or Transfer Fees!

90 Day Guarantee To Lease your Home or You may Cancel your Contract with No Obligations or Fees!

For over 25 years, Nicklin Property Management has developed a superior leasing and management process. Managing 1400 properties with a vacancy rate of only 3% and an eviction rate of only 0.5%, we feel confident that we can make your experience in the rental business a successful one. Because of that, we are now offering all of our new clients a No Obligation, No Set Up Fee, No Advertising Fees, No Cancellation or Transfer Fee Start Up Program. No Fees will be charged until your property is leased and you are generating income. Here is how it works:

  • $0 Set Up Fee
  • $0 Advertising Fees
  • $0 Cancellation Fee
  • Reserve Requirement: $250 (owner funds for emergencies)

Once the property is leased, the following management fees will apply:

  • 10% Monthly Management Fee (minimum $75)
  • 40% Leasing Fee (based off of 1st full months rent, minimum $300)
  • Referral Fee (paid to a Realtor that shows your property to the tenant that leases it)
  • Lease Renewals - $75 (after first year of tenancy)

For a list of services that are included in the management fee, please click on the Services tab.

To get more information, please call us at 702-451-8700 or 877-WE-RENTT.

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How Nicklin Successfully Manages over 1400 Properties

For over 25 years, Nicklin Property Management has been providing professional property management in the Las Vegas valley. Each year, we assume management of over 200 new properties, making us one of the most well established management firms in Las Vegas. Our goal is to minimize the risk that comes with owning a rental property and provide our clients with exceptional service and a profitable investment. Being owners of rental properties as well helps us take a very personal approach in the management of our clients' properties. We understand the importance of handling maintenance issues efficiently. We also understand that finding a well qualified tenant for your property will mean a more profitable investment for you and a good business relationship between us. The system of management we have put in place helps accomplish this. That, along with a knowledgeable staff of maintenance personnel, bookkeepers, leasing agents, property inspectors and managers, allows us to successfully oversee nearly 1450 single family properties for over 1000 different clients. Because of our combined team approach to each property, we prevent our clients from "falling through the cracks."

Why employ Nicklin to oversee your property? Whether you are a seasoned investor or first time owner of rental property, property management comes with responsibilities and challenges that must be dealt with successfully. At times, these may be time consuming and require knowledge of state law. Nicklin has established a system of management that has proven successful for nearly 30 years. We have management solutions to effectively screen potential tenants, minimize vacancies, retain tenants and maintain properties. Please visit the Services page for a detailed breakdown on our management services and fees.

If you would like to discuss your rental property and obtain a complimentary proposal packet, please contact:

Adrian Frankfurter

New Accounts Representative

(702) 451-8700 ext 219 or

Nicklin Property Management Realtor Referral Form

Realtors! If you have a potential client interested in having their property professionally leased and managed or have a tenant interested in one of our properties, please fill out this form and we will contact them right away. Thank you.

We pay referral fees!

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Nicklin Property Management & Investments, Inc.


Fall and Winter 2014


With cooler weather coming upon us, now is an excellent time to get prepared to prevent frustrating issues this winter. First, be sure to adjust your sprinkler clock to be in line with the guidelines of the Southern Nevada Water Authority. Most of the fall season your sprinklers are allowed to turn on 3 days per week. In the winter, only once per week. Even though we live in the desert, winters can bring cold temperatures - temperatures that drop below freezing! Being prepared for this ahead of time will save you time and money. For example, now is a good time to wrap any exposed pipes, including your anti syphon valve. The anti syphon valve is usually located on the side of the house with a plastic cap and two shut off valves. It prevents water from being siphoned back into the water supply line. If not wrapped, freezing temperatures can crack the cap and cause water leakage. Inexpensive pipe wrapping can be purchased at any home improvement store. In addition, be sure to check your heating system once temperatures drop to comfortable levels outside when you do not have to run your air conditioning on a constant basis. Making sure your heater turns on and generates warm air will reduce the chance for having an uncomfortable situation once temperatures do drop to cold levels. Also, be sure to check door seals to keep warm air inside your home. Replace these seals as needed to save money on your gas bill! If you do require emergency service, be sure to call our office. Please also keep in mind that during the winter season, if we have cold temperatures settle in, there is potential for water from your sprinkler system to freeze on driveways, sidewalks and streets. Be careful to avoid any falls.

Check out the "Resources" page on our website for helpful "How To" videos for repairs to save the $65 on repairs per your lease.

If you require any routine maintenance services, feel free to contact the following vendors: TOTAL AIR (AC and Heating Service): 702-564-0008 | Ultimate Pool and Lawn Service: 702-210-3468 | Home Mechanix (Handyman Repairs): 702-375-8623. Calling in a repair to a vendor will require payment directly from you to the vendor and may not qualify for a reimbursement. Please be sure to contact our office for air conditioning, heating or plumbing related issues.


Due to our current economic situation, Mr. Nicklin is concerned that the USPS is not a reliable method of sending your monthly owner disbursements. Therefore, he suggests to sign up for direct deposit (epay) if you haven't already taken advantage of this service. By signing up for direct deposit you'll be guaranteed of receiving your money directly in your chosen bank account in a timely manner (available at

Heating & Air Conditioning Units:

It's that time of year again to get your heating system serviced. If you would like this service, please call our maintenance department. If you have another company that you would like us to use, please call and we will coordinate for you with the tenant. We strongly recommend completing this service, especially if you have a home warranty.

Property Management Agreements:

Please return all pages of the property management agreement, not just the last page with your signature. We consider this a good way to keep our information updated. It saves time & money when these forms are filled out properly.

Time Sensitive Material - Lease Renewals:

Please send your notification back in a timely manner so we can call your tenants and let them know if they can stay or need to vacate. This will help us in getting that information to the tenants promptly and hopefully have them extend their lease.

HOA Violations:

If an HOA violation is sent to your address, please send it to Nicklin ASAP so we can get the situation corrected before fines are assessed to your account.

New Accounts:

If you have additional properties that you need to have managed, contact Adrian Frankfurter to receive reduced management fees!

Re-Keying Property:

We need to re-key every new property and every time a house is re-rented. Due to potential liabilities, there can be no exceptions.

Sewer & Trash Bills:

To expedite the process, please mark on the copies you fax or send whether the bill has been paid or if you want us to pay from your reserve account before billing the tenant.

Account Balances:

Please note that our software program does not allow us to have negative balances. Therefore, if there is no money in your account, we cannot continue to advertise, pay utility bills or repair any needed items. Please be sure to look at the ending account balance on your monthly statement and provide funding when your balance is low to prevent delays in service. Also, when a property is vacant, your account statement will show a needed reserve of $10,000. Please do not worry - this is NOT the money needed in the account. It is simply a computer setting that is put into place when a property is vacant. It allows us to maintain a balance in your account while the property is vacant and any repair work is completed. Once the property is rented, the reserve will be $250 and any amount above that will be sent to you.

Property Visits:

If you are planning on visiting Las Vegas and would like to visit your property, please call ahead so we may schedule an appointment with the tenants. Per Nevada Law, we must give tenants at least a 24 hour notice. Also, please be aware that they may not be available to allow you into the property.

Home Insurance:

It is important to obtain and retain Landlord Insurance for a number of important reasons: liability coverage & property coverage for unforeseen events. A number of our clients have had to rely on their insurance coverage in recent months due to water and fire damage. Please be sure to contact your current insurance company to obtain Landlord coverage for your rental properties.

Home Warranties:

While home warranties can minimize expenses related to repairs, recently the cost of these has significantly increased along with the deductibles required. In addition, many items are not included as part of the warranty policy, thus forcing the owner to replace or repair an item at full cost. Because of our experience with home warranties, we do not generally recommend them. If you have additional questions, please be sure to call our maintenance staff.

Texting while Driving is DANGEROUS!

Mr. Nicklin feels very strongly about this and has begun a campaign to raise awareness. Please don't text & drive!

03/21/2014 Spring Weather Reminders

Spring is officially here. For the desert climate, this means that temperatures will begin warming up quickly. As this happens, it is good to stay ahead of the curve and be proactive with your home. First, make sure your irrigation system is adjusted to take into consideration the warmer weather. Many plants will need an extra boost! Be sure they are receiving enough water per the guidelines of the Southern Nevada Water Authority. This will allow them to start the growing process into summer, thus making your yard look good! Plants that begin to suffer from a lack of water will struggle even though they eventually receive the correct amount of water and may have a difficult time staying alive as the hot weather starts. This may lead you to spending more money on your yard than you would like. You may also receive a letter from your homeowners association even if you are leasing the property. Make sure your sprinkler and drip system is functioning correctly by running a manual check on it and adjusting the days of watering. In addition, be sure to start up your air conditioning system. While the weather may be pleasant and the need for air conditioning may not seem necessary, it is best to see if there exist any issues before the hot weather is here. If there are repairs needed, air conditioning companies are not overly busy this time of the year and can assist you relatively quickly. However, if you wait until summer, you may have to wait for some time for a company to respond and the price may be much higher than anticipated since there is much demand during that season. In addition, be sure to check your weather stripping and seals to preserve cold air. Summer is on its way!

01/02/2014 Las Vegas Leads Nation in Real Estate Appreciation

Las Vegas has once again come out on top in real estate appreciation. As investors, first time home buyers and secondary property owners took advantage of low interest rates and still below market values, competition grew as inventory still remained relatively low. The real estate market saw a 27% average appreciation rate last year (2013). Whats expected for the following year? We can expect real estate values to continue to appreciate, however, at a slower rate. That is what analysts are predicting. We can also expect new home construction to continue as inventory remains low. Mortgage rates are expected to go up by about 1 point. All in all, the market should still remain relatively affordable. Investors who are purchasing rental property and looking for a specific rate of return must be sure to take into consideration all rising costs, including homeowners association payments, taxes and insurance.

12/04/2013 Houses and Cold Weather

Cold weather can sneak up on us all. It can also cause us to have to make repairs that could have been prevented with some basic maintenance. For example, pipes that are exposed to the cold can freeze and break. Pressure regulators can freeze causing seals, plastic caps and shut off valves to begin leaking. Windows that are not sealed properly or a lack of insulation in the attic can let cold air in, thus making your heating system run longer, increasing your utility bills. What can be done? For exposed water pipes and pressure regulators, be sure to wrap them with insulation that can be purchased for an inexpensive price from a home improvement store. Or simply wrap a towel around them. For windows, be sure to seal any gaps or openings that are letting cold air in. This can be done using vinyl tape or other approved insulation. Insulation for the attic can be purchased or you may hire a professional company to blow insulation into the attic. Overall, the costs of completing these items are relatively low and save time and money in the long run.

An Honest Look at What Property Management is All About - Article One by Adrian Frankfurter

Property Management. These two words are action packed. However, they can be summed up in one sentence: Protecting the home owner's interests and money in a rental property while at the same time ensuring that tenants are treated fairly and the property is maintained in good and habitable condition. Meshing the two together can be a challenge in the property management industry. The reason? Maintaining a property costs money, which is what tenants expect. The owner, on the other hand, wants to limit expenses as much as possible. A property manager is usually thrown in the middle of this and tries to find some middle ground. Is a repair the responsibility of the tenant? Or the owner? How old is the item that needs to be repaired? Did it fail because of wear and tear and age? Or was it tenant neglect and failure to maintain? There can be differing answers to these questions from both sides. Inevitably, a decision has to be made - and one party may not be very happy about it. This is one of many challenges that can occur. Maintenance issues are the most common item that comes up in this business. Sometimes they are minor and at times, depending on the age of the home, they can be significant. Maintenance can be a burnout factor for many investors. Knowing how to handle them is essential.

In addition to that, scheduling appointments to inspect a property can also pose its share of problems. At times, tenants cannot be reached for one reason or another, even after numerous phone calls, letters mailed and emails sent. This can be frustrating for both the owner of the home and the property manager. And while Nevada law allows for entry after serving a 24 hour notice, this can pose a liability and safety risk to the property manager.

Unpaid rent can match the headaches of large maintenance expenses and more. Even after a thorough screening is completed with no obvious risks, a tenant may become delinquent in rent for one reason or another. This is not favorable for both the owner and the property manager. The property manager must at that time take the necessary steps to notify the tenant of non payment, which requires following state law and in some instances, represent an owner in court and complete an eviction. These can incur costs. In addition, the number one concern for owners is the condition of the property upon the tenants vacating, whether that be by an eviction or during a normally scheduled one with the lease fulfilled. Who will be responsible for repairs? Which will be considered normal wear and tear and which ones excessive? If there was a pet, is there any damage? After the owner decides on how to disburse the security deposit, how will the property manager respond to any disputes by the tenant? What if court representation is needed?

When engaging in trying to lease out a property, property managers must be able to deal with the challenges of successfully leasing out a property. This includes recommending fair market value for the property. What happens when an owner disagrees as to the rental rate for their property? This is a challenge that the property manager must be able to respond to.

Yes, engaging in property management has many challenges - some that can pose some very stressful circumstances to the property manager, especially when difficult decisions must be made within a relatively short amount of time. This is in addition to the normal services that are performed on a regular basis. This 3 part series will examine the difficult circumstances listed above and how they can be dealt with successfully.

An Honest Look at What Property Management is All About - Article Two by Adrian Frankfurter

The challenges in property management can be quite extensive. However, with the right approach, most issues can be resolved. This second article in the series "An Honest Look at What Property Management is All About?" will examine these. If you have ever dealt with an eviction, you know all too well that it is nearly impossible to predict what may happen. Even if you visited the property fairly recently and it appeared in good condition, an eviction can change things. How do you handle a situation where suddenly the house is in need of multiple costly repairs and extensive cleaning? A property manager must be competent to deal with this worst case scenario. First, documentation is crucial. Pictures documenting any damage inside of the home and exterior landscape is necessary. Once this is done, the owner of the home must be contacted and explained the situation. This is a challenge for a property manager since it is expected that the owner will not be the happiest and rightly so. It is important for the property manager to help the owner understand the situation - that even with the best screening of a tenant, unexpected situations do arise that contribute to the situation. However, explaining the remedies is important. These include explaining the initial repairs and remedies - legal and others - for collecting outstanding balances that would exceed the security deposit. The best thing to do in a situation like that is to complete the repairs as soon as possible and re-rent the property and offset the expenses. While a situation like this is unfavorable, it is an unforeseeable risk in this industry. A property manager's knowledge and skill in dealing with it will benefit the owners. Even after a regularly scheduled move out of a tenant, repairs may have to be completed at the property. Determining what is chargeable to the tenants and owners is an important aspect of a property managers duties. Typically, wear and tear is an owners responsibility. Wear and tear may include touch up painting, screens on windows that are sun worn, carpet wear (depending on years and preexisting condition), fixtures (plumbing and lighting) and appliances (depending on age). Anything beyond wear and tear, such as damage to an item that at move in was in good condition, would fall under a tenants responsibility. Making a fair determination is a property managers task. Even then, disputes may arise that must be handled. It is best for a property manager to document everything by pictures and accompanying written report and then present those to the owner of the property. If there continues to be a disagreement between the owner and the tenant, the decision may have to be made by a mediator or judge. If a property has pet damage, rather than making an independent assumption even when obvious, a property manager and owner should utilize a professional for a formal statement so both tenant and owner are treated fairly. The property manager should utilize their skills in knowing when to utilize various professionals.

Once a property is ready to be listed, other issues may come around. For example, the rental rate will need to be discussed with the owner of the property. If there is a disagreement, it would be prudent of the property manager to present other comparable properties to show what the best price point for the property would be. Competitive pricing means less time on the market which limits lost rent and potential risks that come with an empty property. Presenting this information is important. The issues that come with property management are various and must be dealt with successfully. A way that issues and problems can be limited is by having an effective system in place that not only reduces risk at the outset but that continues to limit it through a tenancy. The 3rd article in this series will discuss this topic.

What Sets Nicklin Property Management apart from other property management companies?

As one of Las Vegas' largest property management firms managing 1400 properties, we understand what property owners and investors are looking for in a property management company. Being in business for over 25 years, we have managed single family homes, condominiums, townhomes, luxury properties, high rises, and homes in age restricted communities for thousands of owners. We understand that economic and real estate market changes have affected the rental market significantly. We also understand that in order for a rental property to be successful, a proactive approach is necessary. That is why Nicklin has developed a system that has proved successful year after year which in tum has allowed us to continue to grow as a company even during these difficult economic times.

We encourage you to compare Nicklin and see what sets us apart from other property management companies.

95% Client Satisfaction Rate

A recent survey was sent to every one of Nicklin's current clients. The survey rated Nicklin's service based on timeliness of response, maintenance resolutions, and the leasing process. The vast majority expressed their satisfaction and that they would refer others to Nicklin also!

Nicklin maintains a low 3% average vacancy rate and 0.5% eviction rate!

Nicklin advertises each property on numerous advertising sites, leasing most in 30 days. Each prospective tenant goes through a comprehensive screening process-credit check, rental history and income verification-and is then presented to the owner for a final decision. This keeps Nicklin's eviction rate very low.

Nicklin has become one of the largest single family property management firms in Las Vegas!

Managing 1400 properties, many of our clients have been referred to us by other real estate professionals and existing clients.

Nominated as a Favorite Place on Google - Less than 1% of Businesses in the US.


2009 Recreational Property Show Exhibitor
Edmonton - Canada


The 2009 Recreational Property Show in Edmonton, Canada featured real estate firms and properties from all around the world. Nicklin was invited as an authority in the Las Vegas property management market to present important and useful information for investors looking to purchase properties in Las Vegas.

Compare our Services ...

  • Move In Walk Through with Tenants
  • 90 Day Inspection of Property
  • 9 Month Inspection of Property
  • Move Out Walk Through with Tenants
  • 24 Hour Maintenance Staff
  • Monthly Account Statement
  • Year End 1099 and Profit and Loss
  • Collection of Rent from Tenants
  • Court Appearance for Non Payment of Rent
  • Coordination of Eviction with Constables Office

All Included In Our Management Fee!

For the best in property management services in Las Vegas, choose a company with a history of professionalism and success. Choose Nicklin.

Nicklin Property Management Logo


Steve Nicklin has been the property manager of my investment properties for almost fifteen years. He is extremely competent and professional in his approach to property management. In today's world it makes sense to hire a professional with expert knowledge of the complex laws and regulations that govern the landlord / tenant relationship. Steve has carefully assembled a staff to handle the many aspects of his operation. Each person is well trained and knowledgeable. I am pleased to recommend Steve Nicklin as a property manager. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 702-868-8700 if you have any questions.

- Jack Woodcock, CCIM, CRS Founder - Broker of Prudential Americana Group Realtors  Five Gold Stars

Thank you. You guys are the best! I wish you could handle my California property. My property management company here in California could learn a few things about customer service from Nicklin. Thanks again.

- Dave  Five Gold Stars

Dear Steve, just a note to tell you how pleased we were with the property management service you provided on the three properties we owned in Henderson. At one time we owned several properties in California and Nevada. Property management always turned out to be a nightmare. But working with your team was so effortless. You are true professionals with great ethics. Rent collected on time. Payments sent to us right on schedule. Problems taken care of immediately. And Amanda was a great help to us as the properties vacated. Please extend my sincere thanks to your staff.

- John Deloss  Five Gold Stars

Dear Steve, thank you for the outstanding services received from your staff during this challenging economic period in assisting me to refurbish and eventually rent both Stablegate and Spring Palms properties. It is not always an easy task but patient and dedicated assistance from a demanding customer is truly valued and appreciated. I am convinced that all these efforts will soon result in the successful rent of both properties. Thank you again!

- Yves E. Snoeck  Five Gold Stars

Nicklin Property Management came highly recommended as an agency known for commitment and honesty. In terms of customer service, your agency stood out among the rest. I commend you for the way you present yourself and for your professionalism. Thank you for taking the time to offer your services. Should a future need arise, I will certainly give you a call.

- Sandra Williams  Five Gold Stars

We would like you to know that we have had an exceptional experience with Nicklin Property Management. Your staff has been attentive, responsive, and pleasant. Your services made our lives so much easier hundreds of miles away, knowing our property was being cared for professionally. Thank you.

- Todd Riddiough  Five Gold Stars

Being deployed was an experience in itself. I really appreciate everything that you ladies (at Nicklin) have done for me. Big or small, all is very appreciated.

- S. SGT. Javan Thomas  Five Gold Stars

We wanted to say THANK YOU for all that you and the staff have done to get our home rented again. You guys are true professionals.

- Michael R. Blum  Five Gold Stars

For the best in property management services in Las Vegas, choose a company with a history of professionalism and success. Choose Nicklin.

Nicklin Property Management Logo
Nicklin N

Nicklin Property Management & Investments

Lease Your Condo for $550 Total Cost

Payable Only When Property Leases

                   Includes All Referral Fees & Advertising

Do you have a condominium that you are needing to lease? With most condominiums leasing for less than $750 per month, we understand cost is a factor in leasing out a property. As a result, Nicklin will inspect your property, install lock-boxes, take photos, advertise in a variety of proven marketing sites (as listed under the Services page), screen any potential tenants, present all potential tenants to you as the owner for approval, execute a 1 year lease agreement with tenant and conduct a move in walk through with the tenant at the property all for $550, which includes paying a referral fee to a tenants referring agent! Even better, this fee is not charged until your property is leased! If you decide on canceling your agreement prior to Nicklin securing a tenant, there is no contractual obligation - no cancellation fees! Simply notify us of your wishes and we will close out your account with us.

All we require to begin is a signed agreement and a $250 reserve, fully refundable and only kept in case a maintenance emergency arises.

To get started, contact Adrian Frankfurter at 702.451.8700.